Nakshatra Kundali Career Consultation

–  Birth  Chart  (d1),  Dashamsha  Chart  (d10)  &  Dwadasamsa  Chart  (d12)  Analysis  Plus  Dashas.

-  Astrological  house  activation  techniques,  nakshatra  remedies  and  vastu  remedies  Included.

-Audio  Recorded  Reading  (no  time  limit)

–  Delivered  via  email  within  14-15  working  days.

INR 3540

Bookings for this product are closed until June 17, 2024.



The Nakshatra Reading is Just not about solving issues of your concerned areas of life but what type of a person you are, Mentality, How as an individual you are gonna behave in different situations of life.
The Readings are given in Audio form via email only, (D1 main birth chart and other divisional charts like D9, D10 and D12 charts will be included)
Aspects of your Life means Education, Career, Marriage, Promotion, foreign settlement, children, spiritual progress.


Tarot Card Reading is done when you are confused about something or want to know whats going on with someone or some situation on a psychological level, It represents your energy and represents the energies of other people who are connected to you. Astrotarot is a combination of Tarot and Birth Chart Nakshatras.


Nakshatra reading is like Kundali reading but reading it with magnifying glass!
We just dont see the sign where the planet is placed but we also see in which Nakshatra it is placed. It gives more accurate readings.
Nakshatra reading is done when things are not working for you. Through house activation technique we activate that part of your life where you feel it’s not working for you, Mostly these reading are done for ( 7th house) marriage related concern, (10th house) any job related concern.
Whereas Tarot represents your energy, everyone knows whats right and wrong for them but get distracted because of distraction of the world. If you are confused about something then go for Tarot reading.